How to participate in the Shift The Wealth Foundation

Dear Bitcoin Black Member,

This is written for those who are in the affiliate rewards ranking and are serious about making it to the top 110. If you’re serious, then let me help you not only help yourself with Bitcoin Black, but thousands and thousands of poor people who can make use of a shift in wealth.

Many countries across the world are poor, and people need a change in wealth to liberate them from the bondage of poverty. If we as a team can get $10 per coin for the price of Bitcoin Black, can you even imagine what 3600 FREE coins can do for everybody? And at $1, this will change the world.

We built the foundation Shift the Wealth and I would like to explain to you how this would work if you want to participate.

We’re developing offices (hubs) in poor communities, educating youth about Bitcoin Black and our project vision.

If you choose to do so, you will be able to hire a trained student to promote your affiliate link in these poor communities. A normal worker catches about 10-15 affiliates per day, netting you about 50-75 new affiliates per week. These are associates that use the FREE coins to improve their lives through the increasing value of the FREE Coins. If you recruit more staff you might earn 100s of new affiliates a week and probably 1000’s monthly. Surely that will get you to a place you are looking for.

Shift the wealth will be focusing on one target country which is Nigeria. Our vision is to shift the wealth to the poor by hiring students in Nigeria to educate Nigerians, how we will be using technology called Bitcoin Black to shift the wealth.

Our goal is to target one country and get Bitcoin Black everywhere by exploding it from the inside out. If we can centralize Bitcoin Black to a specific area which are 36 Nigerian States and then get it in the hands of the people and then into the merchants to accept it as a currency, then we can use this model to take it to the outlining areas to explode BCB outwards.

You also have to understand that in addition to hiring a student at a very reasonable price it helps to spread BCB into Nigeria to help with the Foundation of getting BCB everywhere in Nigeria and to get it accepted as a currency. We need to create this model so we can get it not only accepted but use it as a model to get the rest of the world on board.

Here are the advantages of participating:

You get 50-75 new affiliates per week

You give a worker in a poor country a job and change his/her life

You get to participate in the Shift The Wealth Foundation and get 3600 FREE Coins in the hands of the individuals that need the shift of wealth.

You help Bitcoin Black to increase the value of the coin by participating and spread our vision.

These workers will be established in hot spots in countries where we can get the project to explode from the inside out, your participation helps Bitcoin Black move the project forward.

In addition to the affiliate program, if you so choose, you can use these same employees to participate in the App Introduction Rewards and earn 200 coins per introduction to the app and a chance to be in the top 110 spot in those initiatives, earning you more coins while benefiting thousands of people. These very same workers will be trained on merchant introduction so the Bitcoin Black project will flourish with this strategic operation.

Imagine being unable to get a job, and the average salary is less than $2 per day. Imagine giving somebody an opportunity to make their lives better. Imagine the vision of shifting the worldwide wealth being transmitted, and the impact it will have on the project.

Send us an email today and let us know that you are interested in participating in the awesome foundation to Shift The Wealth. Send your email to or use the contact form below    **NOTE  HIRE A WORKER FORM CLICK HERE

    You can also get a FREE Website that will contain the vision and your affiliate code that you can promote…click on the image to get your FREE Website.