Hire A Worker

We make this process very simple. In order to hire a worker you simply understand the following and complete the form below.

  1. The initial fee is $150 (This covers a new phone, internet and training)
  2. The monthly payment is $50 per month plus $20 for internet ($70 per month) You pay the worker directly in BTC payable 1 month from the date of hire. You will be given contact information via telegram and it is up to you to make sure your worker gets paid. (We give a little extra to cover their fees in addition to a reward in BCB if they do well for you as this encourages work – optional)
  3. Normally they will get you 10-15 affiliates a day depending on conditions. Please keep in mind there are rainy seasons, civil uprest and many factors that change the numbers but normally what we see is 10-15 per day. These numbers are approximate
  4. We will invite you to a telegram channel for updated information on the Shift The Wealth Foundation once you are set up


So if you would like to participate in the Shift The Wealth Foundation and explode our project into Nigeria and be a model for the rest of the world then send  $150 in BTC (Bitcoin ) to the following address and complete the form below..  **Note = Inform us in the message in the form that the BTC has been sent.