Bitcoin Black aims to be the people’s crypto-currency, for the people and by the people. The purpose of Bitcoin Black is to be adopted as a P2P payment system which gives people the power back. Bitcoin Black ‘s vision to return power to people and be the biggest change in human history in wealth.

Can you even imagine a 3-year of salary given to you when you’re really poor? It would help you change your LIFE with shelter, food and many other things!!

How can we do this together?

First, let us explain how Bitcoin Black in many countries is helping poor people, and how it will operate and how you can help.

Through training and integrating of Bitcoin Black, we have built opportunities for young people. We are building offices in poor countries and offering potential preparation to bring Bitcoin Black to merchants for adoption.


Our agents and affiliates are currently helping lots of poor people sign up to get 3600 FREE Bitcoin Black. Our goal is to get 1 million people, give them free coins and then increase the value of coin and transferring the money to those who really need the support.

How can you help?

What you do:

  • Sign up with your email

  • Verify from your email

  • Wait for the instructions

  • Hold your coins

  • Buy when released on the exchange.

  • Give this website to your church, your friends, your family and let them get FREE Coins as well and help us to Shift The Wealth.

You don’t have to know anything about cryptocurrencies to get this work done. You don’t have to buy but just keep them and let the value rise. Your contribution will help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by shifting the wealth.

we need you to keep those coins and actually buy some to help lift the price of Bitcoin Black which will hits the big exchanges soon.

It is just supply and demand. If we keep the coins and buy more, the price would rise, and people will use their coins to change their lives.

Our mission is to get as many poor people as we can in the possession of these 3600 Coins, and to raise the value of the coin to $1 each.

Before opening the coin to high volume exchanges the group needs to hit 1 million members. Coins must be kept for some time, so that members of the initial community cannot sell. The aim should be community development, not a short-term benefit related to fiat.

The founding members who push the project forward need to own less than 5 percent of the total combined supply to ensure the distribution is equitable and the project’s goal is achieved.